Monday, October 1, 2012

Chocolate Coated Espresso Beans... With a Dood Man Twist...

Alright guys... it has been a long time since I have posted much of anything... so I figured I would post something super awesome!!! Freaking Chocolate Coated Espresso Beans... With a Dood man kind of twist... We shall get to the twist shortly... But first of course we should get started with the basic part... In the bowl pictured above I have weighed out 30 grams of Espresso beans use your favorite brand of course... for best results use a Fair Trade brand or any other organic variety... it is just better for the environment...

Next go ahead and measure out 75 grams of high grade semi-sweet chocolate... I used the bulk chocolate chips from our local health foods store... Now on a side note if you can't measure out in grams just keep in mind you want a 2 part bean to 5 part chocolate ratio... and 1/3 cup coffee beans to 1 cup chocolate ratio...

Now to melt the chocolate you need to use a double boiler... now you could possible own an actual double boiler or you can make one by using a sauce pan with some water and putting a stainless steel bowl or a glass bowl and placing it over the sauce pan...

The bowl should be have the bottom fit snugly inside the sauce pan and have a rim at least twice as wide as that of the sauce pan... 

Now that you have your double boiler set up you can now turn the heat on to about medium and start melting your chocolate...

Stir occasionally until it is silky smooth... look at that sexy chocolate... 

Pour in your coffee beans... also make sure your pets are well fed...

Once you have poured your coffee beans it should all look like this...

Then go ahead and stir those suckers in all nice like...

Until they are all nice and coated like... 
Once you have them all coated pour them out of your bowl onto a wax paper lined cookie sheet...

Spread them out very well until the beans are one layer thin... and space the beans out at least a centimeter apart... 

Just a really pretty picture... or uh awesome... yeah awesome... not pretty... 

and another awesome picture... and of course you could always stop here... which I did with some of them for my veggie friends... sorry... "vegetarians" TeHe... But...

BACON!!! Yes that is right my friends... Freaking Bacon... Why not... Bacon with chocolate is of course... well established junk food... but why not take it to a more refined confection... Fry that beautiful Home Smoked... Extra Thick Cut... Nummeh Num Bacon to an extra crisp finish... I know crispy Bacon is a taboo... but in order to put it on your beans you need it CRRRUUNNCHY!!!

Pat your bacon dry to remove all excess grease... I know, I know... but the grease will prevent it from settling into the chocolate...

Chop it up... Put it into a food processor... pulverize it with whatever ever you have on hand...

Until it is a fine powder... or the closes you can get to powderyish....

Sprinkle your Awesome Dust over your next batch... or batches...  Sprinkle to your hearts content... Make more bacon if you need to... Whatever it takes... Don't let yourself down!!!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Spaghetti With Homemade Tomoato Sauce

Okay we are starteing with the tomato sauce since it needs to simmer for a couple hours at least. Start by taking out some tomoatoes. How ever many you want. The more you use the less canned tomato sauce you will need to use. Make sure when you buy tomatoes they are ripe when you buy them. They don't ripen at your house no matter what you think you know. Also, son't keep tomatoes in the fridge or sun.
We are going to blanch the tomatoes, so boil some water.
Then place your tomatoes into the boiling water.
Boil them unitl the skins crack then remove them and place them into ice water. This will make them very easy to peel.
Here is the skins that we removed.
Take your peeled tomatoes and put them through a foodmill or one of these things you see in the picture.
Make sure you get all of the pulp which is what you see here.
In a large stock pot, or dutch oven brown your favorite ground meat. We like to use Italian, or sage sausage.
While the meat is browning dice up some veggies. We used onions, green bell peppers, and garlic. Lots of garlic. You can use other veggies; shredded carrots and muchrooms would be good.
Once the meat is browned add the vegetables. You may need to add some oil. if the meat is lean.
Now if you have a garlic press I reccomend using it. If not just chop it up really small.
Pick out a few of your favorite Italian herbs. We used sage, oregeno, basil, and thyme.
Add about a tablespoon or so of each into a mortar and pestol.
And grind it all up!
Pour that into the meat and veggies.
Open a can of tomato paste and pour that into the meat and stir it up a little bit.
Now time to add the tomato sauce we made earlier. We also added a can of canned tomato sauce since we needed a little bit more sauce.
Tomatoes are very acidic so the sauce will need something sweet to dilute the acidity. We used a couple tablespoons of brown sugar but you can use whatever sweetener you like.
While the sauce is simmering you can make your pasta since the dough will need to rest for one hour. Start by measuring out 300 grams of Semolina flour which is used for pasta. Make a well in the flour.
Crack three eggs and two eggs yolks into a bowl and pur them into the well.
Scramble up the eggs with your fingers a little bit.
Add a pinch of salt if you forgot to add it in like we did.... It is supposed to be added in before the eggs.
Then slowly incorporate the flour by pulling it in with your hands until it forms a workable douch
Once it is workable start kneading it.
The dough will become very hard to work so you will need to use all your strength. Knead for about 5 minutes or until the dough is smooth and very hard to work.
Gather a couple damp clothes. Cut the dough in half and wrap the dough balls in the damp clothes. Let it rest for one hour. The dough will become a little softer.
Get out your handy dandy pasta machine.
Place one of your dough balls onto a floured surface.
Roll it out until it is about an inch thick so it will go through the pasta machine.
Start on the thickest setting on your machine and run it through a few times gowing down in thickness one setting each time.
Fold it in half and repeat the process a couple times. This will get the streaks out of the dough and make it shiny.
Now run it through almost to the thinest setting.
Fold it and cut it in half, and repeat the above process with each half.
This procees is kind of monotonous but it is worth it. When it is finished the dough will be shiny and you should be able to see your hand through it. Now do the same with the other dough ball. Cut the sheets into about 12 inch long sheets.
Take one of the sheets and put it through the spaghetti cutter
And place the spaghetti into a bowl. You may need to flour it to keep it from sticking. Repeat the proccess with each sheet. After you make pasta a few times it becomes easier and you will get the technique down.
This is our cooked pasta, we forgot to take poictures of it cooking. So to cook bring some water to a rolling boil and right before adding the pasta salt the water heavily. This is the only time to season the pasta. Fresh pasta takes very little time to cook. About one minute. Check it frequently so it doesn't over cook.
Here is your sauce that has been slowly simmering and cooking down. You may need to remove the lid so some of the water will cook out if it needs to be thicker. Also, remeber to taste the sauce a few times to make sure it doesn't need anything. We added a few fresh sprigs of thyme about half an hour before we ate.
Now assemble your pasta. Put some spaghetti on a plate and top it with your delicious tomato sauce. Trust me all the hard work that goes into this will be worth it. Good luck, and good eating.